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Let’s Make Your Property Shine with Power Washing

Whether you want to improve curb appeal of your property overnight, want to protect your family’s health or boost your property value, you will require a detailed pressure wash service. You may consider other cleaning procedures, but old and stubborn dirt may not come off that easily.

At Exterior Painting Local Experts, our painters do the pressure washing with the latest equipment. We are a #1 provider for residential & commercial pressure washing services in FL at fair prices. We pride ourselves on delivering customer service excellence, and we have trained specialists in our team who treat your property like their own. Transform your property at its finest with the leading service providers in FL.

Most Asked Questions

No, you cannot use these terms interchangeably because there’s a temperature difference; power washing uses heat, and pressure washing does not.

The cost of washing depends on the size of your house so we cannot tell you beforehand. If you want a perfect estimate, feel free to contact and consult with us, and we will happily give you a correct quote.

Yes, if it’s done without proper consideration, it can cause damage. But our experts have years of experience, so they always apply the appropriate pressure for power washing the house.

Yes, it’s best to avoid pressure washing in cold because it can cause severe damage, so we always try to do it close to room temperature.

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